What is Evacuation Clause in Insurance?

Evacuation Clause in Insurance.

If you are traveling to foreign country, the travel may be a short duration trip, say for business or leisure which lasts only for few days or weeks, or you may be going for studies, work or business for a lengthy duration. The duration for which you may have to reside in another country would define type of travel insurance policy which is best suited for your needs. If you are only travelling for few weeks or days holiday, a normal travel insurance policy is most suitable and sufficient for your needs. However if you are travelling for work or for a long term residency, you may be in a different risk bracket which would require more comprehensive coverage.

In either case, one of the most important elements of travel insurance is the evacuation clause. An evacuation clause refers to the arrangements that an insurer will make to get you taken home (back to your normal country of residence) in the event of defined types of medical emergency.

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