eMediclaim portal has been designed for YOU to choose and make an intelligent choice between various options available today in the market for your health insurance. We intend to present the facts about various policies and hope you would benefit with the information contained herein. We are available to assist you in buying Mediclaim policy of any company that you wish to enroll with.

Health insurance has become a necessity today. You will never know when an illness may strike. And in such cases, hospitalisation and medication expenses can be unaffordable. It is especially worse when the patient needs specialised care. In such instances, many families use the existing cash reserve and give up comforts in life and make do with bare minimum necessities.

Health insurance therefore, can be a source of support as it takes care of the financial burden your family may have to go through. It will help you tackle such situations with ease by providing you with timely and adequate medical care. Besides, if the accident causes lifelong disability to a person who is the breadwinner, the insurance company will come to the rescue.

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