Check your Mediclaim Policy Details

If you are one of those busy bees who is too happy to sign the cheque and also sign the form, a word of advice from us, read the document carefully once your application has been accepted and sent to you for your records. There are chances that someone made an error in uploading your information in database and the error if not noticed and notified on time, may well lead to problems for Verify Your Details in Insurance Policyyou if and when you may need to use the policy.

In a recent consumer forum case, an Insurance company has been asked to pay fine of INR 1000 because despite contacting the insurance firm to rectify the errors, the firm simply did not update the records and tried its best to show that the consumer was at fault.

The complainant, Goregaon-based Bhalchandra Moghe said that he had procured a general health policy on May 26, 2011. He had paid a premium of Rs 7,500. However, when Moghe received the policy, he saw several discrepancies with respect to his name, the names of his wife and son besides his son’s date of birth.

¬†Moghe alleged that his name was misspelt as Balchandra. Both his wife Amita and son Kedar were shown to have Waman as their middle names. Moghe clarified that Waman was his father’s name and his wife and son had to have his name as their middle names. Additionally, the policy also showed that Kedar was born in 1993 whereas he was born in 1996.

On June 14, 2011 he wrote a letter to the company requesting it to make the corrections. However, the company did not pay heed to his request. Moghe then sent a legal notice to the company. Since the company did not respond to that either, Moghe filed a complaint in the Central Mumbai District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

The insurance firm alleged that Moghe had neither approached it to make the changes nor had he furnished any proof.

The consumer forum took into consideration documents such as PAN card, copy of the savings account passbook and secondary school certificate which supported Moghe’s claims. It further pointed out that the insurance company had not showed fairness and had not produced the copy of the application.

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