Hospital Room Eligibility in a Health Insurance Policy

Hospital Room Eligibility in a health insurance policy

Hospital Room Eligibility
As mentioned some of the insurance company specify Room Rent Limit of 1% to 2% of SI. Depending of plan chosen, Insurance Companies specify eligibility single room or shared room. Many a times, other charges like Consultation charges, Nursing charges etc are linked to type of room one chose to stay. With advancement in Medical Sciences, selected hospitals are now offering suite for High Networth Individual (HNI)

Most of the Insurance companies do not reward if the insured voluntarily accepts shared room, even though he/ she is entitled for single room. Apollo Munich offers cash incentive in case a person is hospitalised for over 48 hours and chose a shared accommodation.

Presently only Platinum plan of Max Bupa allows suite accommodation, while silver plans allows shared accommodation only.

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