What is a liability limit in health insurance policy?

Know about Liability Limits of your health insurance policy.

Liability limit specifies sub-limits for particular disease or component of expenses incurred on hospitalization. Most of the policies from Public Sector as well as Star Health Insurance and IFFCO Tokyo specifies cap (limit) on Room Rent Charges 1% to 2% of Sum Insured (SI). There can be also be cap (limit) in absolute figure (Star Health Insurance specifies 2% of SI or Rs 4000/- in Class A cities). Hence SI plays important role in buying Health Insurance from these companies. Max Bupa, Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard etc. do not specify any limit on liability (ICICI Lomard specifies limit of Rs 20000/- for Cataract).
Some plans specifies limit on expenses to be reimbursed on any one hospitalization. While Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard, Star Health do not specify any limit, National Insurance floater plan specify limit of up to 50% of SI on any one illness.

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